VaultLOCKS eLockbox

$155.00 $145.00 CAD
+ $5 CAD/month subscription per lockbox

Smart lockbox includes a 30 day free trial with Schedulock


The electronic lockbox integrated with Schedulock. VaultLOCKS’ eLockbox is a smart, electronic lockbox which operates using time-based smart access codes which is perfectly designed for brokerages and their agents.

How does it work? The Schedulock platform integrates for the optimal ease of use with Vaultlocks eLockbox. Schedulock is a product for brokerages and their agents that helps automate the showing management process including the dispatching of lockbox codes.

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Select Monthly Showing Software

The monthly subscription to the Schedulock platform that dispatches the lockbox codes for VaultLOCKS is not included with the purchase of the lockbox.

Schedulock provides a 30-day free trial with no set-up fee. The trial provides brokerages with the opportunity to experience the benefits of our front office showing automation to provide a seamless showing solution with VAULTLOCKS. Please note that your plan will automatically be renewed after the trial and you can cancel at anytime.

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Have more than 60 agents? Please contact us at for additional pricing. Already a part of the Schedulock family? Contact us at to learn how to add your new lockbox to your listing.

  Product Detail Quantity Total Price
VaultLOCKS subscription $ 5.00/m/lockbox
Subtotal $165.00
Shipping $25.00
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Total $64.69